You will not see peoples names  because my clients have asked me to respect the fact that  everyone knows everyone in this english community here in Geneva, Switzerland.   I am known for going very deep with my clients and for this you need to feel security and trust.  Please keep that in mind when you read the transformations below. 


Kamy has a wonderful combination of real expertise and competence and genuine caring and empathy. She is truly committed to helping people improve their lives and wherever you are on your own journey in life she will help you move further along it!

I liked Kamy's positive energy and her passion for what she does. At the beginning I was a little sceptical about the coaching idea in general and about my possibilities of change in particular, but she was so confident and full of energy! She kept me going during the whole process, both during the sessions and with her messages, motivating me and encouraging me to go on.

The positive affirmations give me energy and reassurance all the time.  Kamy just guided me to learn how to think differently. To become aware that the way we think, the explanations we give ourselves about our experiences since we are little, configure our lives and the way we interact with family, colleagues and friends, and limit our creativity and our freedom.

After the journey, I am in a total new position in life, free of anxiety and contention, and ready to open myself to change at all levels. I feel that everything is possible!  JL Geneva

Thank you Kamy.  I was stuck in a dead end road with such anger and fatigue. Your method and your kindness helped me realize how changing my point of view is not a failure or a fatality but a step to move forward, further to have fun, a joy to rediscover me, to relearn to communicate positively and thus to renew harmonious and fulfilling relationships.  HJ Geneva

I really enjoyed your energy as a coach.  You quickly realized that I had some energy that need to be shifted.  Your truth, openness and passion helped me so much and your ease and acceptance gave me permission to be me.  I thank you Kamy, you are truly blessed. 

Kamy is a brilliant coach, she is so perceptive and has this ability to “tell it like it is.”  Kamy immediately met me spirit to spirit and helped me to see where the blocks I was holding onto so clearly really lived.  With love, she helped me to rediscover the truth of who I am!  Thank you Kamy.

Regarding myself, things are changing slowly, smoothly but surely. I am persevering and overcoming "difficulties". Seen in a different light, everything is of course positive, and no more an obstacle. Life is our best friend, and I stay in constant contact with my life, it has become a very good relationship.

Thanks Kamy for your inspiring message - Yes I am having quite a few outbursts at the moment -but they don't last as long and I manage to pick myself up quicker - plus I am becoming so aware of what I am like around others -particularly around others I don't feel comfortable around - it is quite scary to think about how we let ourselves be treated like that - I am experiencing quite a bit of awareness - and am so observant of the energy around me.

Just to let you know - I have progressed in that I can now look at myself in the mirror so this will be the year of mirror work - I also had some lovely revelations with family over the Xmas period - I have to admit that I think it was the best holiday home ever.  Just thought I would share that with you as my first session with you was the kick start to the real me. THANK YOU!!!!

Things are really moving for me. Especially in terms of my interactions with people. I feel much safer. I am able to receive information or discuss issues in a much calmer and accepting fashion.

I also view myself in a completely different way, physically that is. I really find myself pretty and attractive these days. I can not believe my looks have changed so drastically in the recent future. I believe I just wasn't loving myself enough. Perhaps I was just viewing myself and others through the eyes of very critical people and their beliefs. As far as living the transition, things have been feeling easier. Every change I feel is truly a relief and not necessarily an incredibly painful process as it was in the beginning of our work together.I am also more efficient in expressing boundaries and seeing them enforced. Altogether I feel safer. I feel that there is a whole space on this earth and in every moment that is truly mine. I feel entitled to safety, fun and happiness. It's new and exhilarating.  Professionally, I am having productive work sessions with the woman I may be partnering up with for the health centre and are being handed lots of opportunities as far as the art space.

People I felt "little/lesser" next to are approaching me and calling on my skills. Mothers I thought were perfect/better are trusting me with their exhaustion or hanger stories.  I feel "wholer" and more deserving. I feel more centered and full of possibilities. I feel beautiful and deserving. I feel sexy and admired. I feel smart and funny. I feel safe. It's lovely and I welcome those feelings.  I love me, life, you and so much more.  I am a marvelous child of mother earth. I manifest her beauty, abundance and generosity. I am grateful, loving and loved.  THANK YOU KAMY, THANK YOU!!!

-Your centering meditations are great and inspiring.  I felt listened to, safe, valued and able to be me.  You confidence, self esteem and powers are contagious!   Your clarity and commitment to what you are doing is amazing!  I loved every moment of you. Your excellent great energy, the flavor of drama combined with your high connection make you highly recommendable to anyone who is really ready for change in their life! 

Kamy, the month of November, 2010 was one of the best months of my life! The positive energy is contagious and I think it is GREAT! My friends and colleagues feel that I am so positive, smiley, loving. I used to say (until November 5) that my heart was sad. Now I feel that my heart is smiling. I feel lighter and I enjoy everything.

I would like to share with you that I brought these philosophies to Colombia to share with my family how my life has changed since November.    I was confronted with my father drinking again (after 15 years of sobriety) and treating himself very poorly.  I said to him, "If it was a friend living this, would you tell him all the things you are telling yourself?" He said "NO".   "Then why are you doing it to yourself?  You are a great person, you do not deserve to criticize yourself in this way! "  He was AMAZED to hear this, and he cried like a little baby! Thanks to the NEW me, I was there to support him.

I have learned to approach life's challenges differently since taking the Study Group and was able to encourage my father to see himself differently.  He has quit drinking again and is now reading You Can Heal Your Life in Spanish!

Another great moment was to listen to "101 Power Thoughts" with my mum and sister. We all closed our eyes and we held hands together! WOW. Now my mum and sister are reading the book!   Many thanks to you Kamy for sharing this work with us! Catalina   P.S.  Since my visit home in December my mum and sister have participated in the Heal Your Life weekend workshop in Bogota and they loved it!

Just a quick note to say hello and let you know I really enjoy your very upbeat positive messages. So glad I am on your e-mail list!

This is exactly what I needed to hear. You are right.

Thank you so much for your inspirational emails as always. It seems I am exactly in the same state as you.... so thank you for sharing this.

I just love receiving your newsletter!

Your emails are always such a delight. Your positive energy just reaches across time and space! I am so excited for your new place. Transforming Lives is already doing so much good and making such a difference and it isn't even put together yet in its physical space. For sure, the opening is on my calendar.   I can feel the positive changes in my life already. Your vision chart workshop will have to be an annual event for me! I'm using your idea about setting affirmations in my calendar so that I see them and read them out loud throughout the day.

You are an inspiration to me and seeing you move forward spiritually, emotionally, and physically serves to bolster me along my journey and encourage me to push for a better way of being, and living.  I also feel blessed to know you, to have you a part of my journey.  You are amazing and I love you forever.

Thank you dear Kamy, Your words of encouragement a are particularly appreciated today.

We all need help to achieve the best that we can ever be.  It is not wrong to ask help and guidance.  The workshop really helped the participants to know what the want and help them by giving them the tools to achieve it!
Everything is possible.  This workshop was facilitated in a way that encouraged us to thin and also do!
I liked the open discussion with the facilitator and the participants.  The feeling of openness from everybody.  Nice location and good materials.
I liked best Kamy’s wonderful personality.  Frank and open discussion which comes from the sense of trust and confidence that just is during the workshop.
Inspiring, Kamy’s experience and teaching guides the student each stop of the way to learning the powerful truth that thoughts build lives. 
I indeed found issues I was not aware of!  A new focus to positive affirmations.
Here you will learn how to get what you want from life – the stress free way! 
I liked the intimacy and openness of each participant which is encourage by the facilitator  - Kamy’s trust in the universe and her knowledge on the subject matter – also Kamy’s genuine interest and belief in this work!

This workshop was interactive and the facilitators where wonderful – open, honest and human – Thank you.

If you want freedom from those emotions that hold you back, participate in this workshop!

This workshop showed me how my beliefs affect my everyday life and explained how I could find out my beliefs around a subject.
I liked the friendly relaxed environment; informal atmosphere was conducive to self-expression.

Whatever level of experience you have in personal development- this workshop will provide insights into what drives you, what limits you, what prevents you from your own freedom and how to take the steps and applications to get there!