Increase your energy and achieve your goals

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The reason people do not achieve their goals is because they lack the drive to create a plan of action and lack the necessary energy required to follow through.

This lack of drive is caused by a lack of energy which is caused by a lack self-confidence and a negative mindset which comes from our underlying thoughts and belief system.

We have between 60-70 thousands thoughts a day and only 10% of those thoughts are conscious. 

According to research, as many as 98 percent of thoughts are exactly the same as what we had the day before. Even more significant, 80 percent of our thoughts are negative. 

Negative thoughts drain our energy and drive and affirm that we are unable to achieve our goals because we are constantly affirming the negative thought patterns of the day before.

I’ve been there, in the past I found myself with a lack of energy and drive, low self-confidence and unachieved goals on several occasions.  The way out was a process.  I would go back to basics – get clear on the goals I wanted to achieve, create a plan of action, commit to myself, and move forward. 

Creating the plan alone raised my self-confidence and energy.  As I hit milestones one by one my drive grew stronger and stronger until before you knew it I was achieving goals regularly.

With practice, my goals become bigger and bolder and the process keeps me growing into bigger bolder results. 

If you have found the above points interesting and would like to contact me to know more about the process I used to help me increase my energy and achieve my goals please contact me.

Kamy Lavanchy