How did I become fearless?

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We all suffer from fear at some point in our life.  It is programmed into our nervous system and works like an instinct.

From the time we're infants, we are equipped with the survival instincts necessary to respond with fear when we feel emotionally unsafe.

For example, if you did something that you felt was a success and you shared it with someone else and they found all the negative aspects of it, and this happened repeatedly, you would feel emotionally unsafe to be successful.

Here are five triggers of emotional fear:

  • Change
  • Inadequacy
  • Failure of success
  • Rejection
  • Or being judged

Let me give you another example.  I once knew a great dancer who loved to dance and perform.  One time her mother came to watch the show.  The mother made a comment, one comment that lasted forever and brought an end to her dance career.  The mother told the daughter that she had big legs! 

Of course she had very muscular legs, she was a dancer!  And yet this one comment was a judgment. The daughter danced less and less until she stopped altogether because she became fearful of being judged. 

It only takes one comment.  This one comment “you have big legs” turns into a belief which gets program into our nervous system to work like an instinct.

Trust me when I tell you I know all about this nervous system and mindset instincts.  My primary care giver had a psychological personality disorder.  This is like living with Jekyll and Hyde.  My fears were all of the above points and more.

How did I get to where I am today?  After reading hundreds of books and still not being able to implement what I understood quite clearly, I engaged a mentor who led me through a process of self discovery which allowed me to overcome my fears and create radical success in my life. 

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Kamy Lavanchy