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There was a time when I was living a very depressing life. It was filled with resentment, anger, distrust, no self-confident, self-sabotage, limited happiness, and so on. It was a vicious cycle, until . . .

. . . I became aware that I could create a different life.  I learned that I could change the way I think and create the life I hoped to live. My new motto became; change your thoughts, change your thinking, change your life.

I spent an entire year discovering what the thoughts were in my mind that were running my life and reprogramming that incredibly debilitating belief system of mine!   

The long story short, I have experienced psychological, emotional, physical and sexual abuse in my life.  I was a serious underdog and who I am today is a polar opposite of who I was.

I never would have realized what was in my mind and how it was damaging my life without the guidance of my first coach - Louise Hay.  Diving deep into my subconscious and unraveling my beliefs was an eye opener that changed my life.  

It wasn’t always easy, however with courage, commitment and consistency I began to feel different.  I began to feel happiness and radiate this to those around me. 

I learned so much about myself.  Why I was making the decisions I was, reacting the way I did and  what all that anger was doing to me – ouph.


It wasn’t pretty let me tell you.

As my coaches made me accountable for my own change I was able to stay consistent and grow exponentially in a short amount of time.

When you see the confidence, joy and endless energy I have today you would never believe I lived through what I did.

Thanks to studying with Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and Dr. Joe Dispenza, (to name a few) I live a very joyfull life today. 

I am deeply grateful for the transformation that took place for me. Honestly I never would have thought life could be so beautiful. 

This radical transformation led me to love what I do and do what I love - lead others through their transformational journey to a life they love living. 

But it’s not all about the mind.  I’ve been a body worker for the last 12 years as part of my journey.  I not only had to heal my mind, I also had to heal my body from the emotional pain it stored and the abuse it received.

I know that taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of your mind.  In fact, it all works together.  It's a bit too much to explain here.

Curious?  Want to find out more?  Make contact and let's get started!


Kamy Lavanchy
Mindset Strategist,  Transformational Life Coach, and Massage Therapist