Kamy Lavanchy

Mindset Strategist 


Would you like to

Create sustainable discipline to achieve your goals ?

Would you like to build self-confidence ?

Overcome fear or procrastination?

Remove negative thoughts ?

Increase your energy ?


About Kamy

There was a time when I was living a very depressing life. It was filled with resentment, anger, distrust, no self-confident, self-sabotage, limited happiness, and so on. It was a vicious cycle, until . . .




Kamy has been the most wonderful guide and mentor on my journey to change my life. With her acute intuition she has led me to think afresh about so many issues, and to my enormous surprise I have discovered that life looks completely different when you are not using all your energy criticizing yourself! Her insights are always challenging but always lead me where I need to go, and I have complete confidence that she is walking the path alongside me, making sure I don't trip up or turn back. And her warm, direct, generous spirit makes every session a pleasure!

SP Switzerland


Kamy's enthusiasm is inspiring.  She really walks the walk as well as talking the talk and the results speak for themselves.  I would highly recommend taking a workshop with her for a positive uplifting experience that can be life changing!

AL, Geneva

Kamy has an innate quality of empathy towards others.  She has a strong sense of intuition and her high energy and enthusiasm is catching.  She is a wonderful therapist and everyone would benefit from her consultations.

AMN, Switzerland