Work with Kamy

It is our mission to walk along with you, to encourage and support you on this journey to self discovery while creating a safe space to allow you to unfold. We like to think of our services as embracing you in the feathers of the angels as we gently assist in the transformation of you into the magnificence you.


The primary focus of this day will be on building a strong foundation for you to succeed. We will dive deep into the subconscious to become clear on what your desires are, what is holding you back and how to break through.  You will leave with a roadmap and plan of action.

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90 Days to Freedom

The primary focus will be on building a solid foundation for sustainable growth and development.

I understand the importance of consistent action and building momentum.  This program is designed in such a way that you will be able to implement quickly.

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Getting Started

We all want to get our projects started and sometimes,well, we just need that push to get things off the ground. This program offers the opportunity to get clear on your goals and implement them with assistance. Through investigation, follow up and accountability.

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Body Work

Nowadays we are continuously “ON” and over stimulated (tablets, smart phones, computers, etc.). We have forgotten how to turn “OFF”. As a result we accumulate tension feeling neck pain, back pain, stress, fatigue, anxious, nervous, overloaded and on the verge of burn-out!

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