Where to Find True Happiness


Happiness is often associated with a fleeting state of joy, and if you look around you will probably notice that most of us rely on material things and experiences for momentary pleasure.

  • In this digital age, plenty of people spend money on the purchase of gadgets believing that their new trinkets can bring them the happiness they seek. However, as soon as their expensive toys run out of juice, their source of happiness quickly transforms into a source of irritation.
  • The same idea applies when having a delightful meal. It can be satisfying for a while but no matter how delicious it was, it will not give you lasting happiness.
  • How about romantic relationships? Doesn’t a happy heart equate to a happy life? While relationships are an essential aspect of personal growth and satisfaction, depending your happiness on another person is a huge mistake.

Where, then, can true happiness be found? The answer is quite simple. You don’t have to search for it elsewhere because true happiness is an inside job. It can be found within you.

True Happiness is From You

Because of the hustle and bustle of daily life, many of us have already forgotten about our innermost self. We prioritize our careers and other things over forming a connection to our person so it isn’t a wonder at all why there are lots of unhappy people across the world.

Experiencing true happiness becomes possible through the effort to get in touch with your innermost self. Take the time to learn how to appreciate every little part of you, including your flaws. Become your own best friend.

Call to Action

Forming a connection with yourself might sound simple but with stress and other negative emotions getting in the way, it can be quite a challenge. However, as you constantly practice these simple steps, you will experience an amazing transformation in your life:

  1. Release negative self-talk and habits. Instead of pulling yourself down, learn to motivate yourself. Likewise, if you have destructive habits that do not serve you, strive to change your ways. Kick anything that only brings you suffering.
  2. Develop positive thoughts and actions. Always see the good side of things. No matter how tough circumstances may be, stay hopeful and optimistic.
  3. Practice meditation. The busier your schedule is, the more imperative it is that you meditate to build a connection with your innermost self.
  4. Take care of yourself. This does not only mean that you should dress and groom well. Taking care of yourself involves following a healthy diet and having regular exercise.
  5. Find time to relax. If your mind is persistently busy and clouded with emotions, you can easily lose sight of your innermost self. Go on holidays. Have a sacred massage.

Wherever you are now in life, it is never too late to make a change. Your circumstances may discourage you from experiencing true happiness, but I encourage you to be strong. There is hope. True happiness is just within your reach.

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