What can we learn with Patience

patienceI have an affirmation programmed in my phone that I receive twice a day – “The more I allow myself to receive the better I am able to help others.”

This couldn’t be truer as I surrender to life and open myself up to receiving that which the universe wishes to offer.

Here I am once again in awe of life.  This year has so far proven itself as a roller coaster of emotions and experiences.  I have felt rejected, blissful, confused, inspired, lost and content.

I am grateful for summer time as it persuades me to slow down and feel the feelings I have suppressed allowing my emotions to come to the surface and flow out of me like a flower in full bloom as I become consciously aware of so many aspects of myself.  The shadow me and the God me, the suppressed emotions Kamy and the authentic Kamy.

Patience, as I have explained to many of my followers, is where we give ourselves the time to learn.  It is with patience that I allow myself to reflect on my experiences and not re-act upon them.

patience1Patience allows me to slow down and see things differently, with a wider perspective.  When I am not re-acting and instead give myself space to breathe and practice patience, I can see the divine in every experience and allow myself to feel and release that which the universe has in store for my healing.

A woman in her late 80’s told me last summer, “Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears!”  I loved this quote she shared with me and found it to be very true.

With every experience I am drawn to go within, to ask myself what has this experience brought me; to discover the beauty and acceptance within myself and others.  As I go within and commune with my God self, I realize that every choice I make and every experience I have is OK!  I am able to release the need to criticize myself as I release the thoughts that I have in some way done something wrong.

patience2I have learned in my work that “Everyone is always doing the best they can with the understanding, awareness and knowledge that they have at that given time.”  That means me as well.

Louise Hay would say, “If you made a choice that didn’t work, just make another one.”  Why is it that we feel we need to beat ourselves up over every decision/choice we make?  It is my belief that we don’t make mistakes but experiences.

Call to action: Allow yourself some time before re-acting to something. Give it space and invite patience in to see what the learning is for you and perhaps even the other.

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  1. Where are you willing to welcome patience into your life?

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