The Power of Touch

200545827-001Do you know what is the one thing we touch the most every day?

We live in a time where we are continuously connected 24/7. But what are we connected to? Our phones, laptops, tablets, Internet, fb, Twitter, linked in, etc. My question to you is – what does it mean to be connected.

If in means having hundreds of followers on fb, Twitter, and other social media than you are connected. But if connection means real time real people than we are far from connected.

Technology is an absolute phenomena and gives us access to extraordinary lengths AND it is hurting our society all at the same time. It is diminishing our human contact, what I feel is the most fundamental contact of all. Face to face real time contact with a warm human being in front of you.

We are loosing touch with our feelings and true emotions, replacing them with icons of smiles and winks or angry faces. We are loosing the ability to express ourselves authentically with passion and emotion. We are loosing our creative ability in the sense that if we don’t have our gadgets we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

We are ignoring our emotions and ourselves by hiding behind the screens and spending countless hours scrolling, texting, reading about the lives of others while our own is being wasted away.

Touch, real human to human contact has been proven to release stress, increase the serotonin levels, reduce blood pressure and more. It calms the entire nervous system.

In 2009 DePauw  University psychologist Matthew Hertenstein, demonstrated that we have an innate ability to decode emotions via touch alone.   The story notes, “volunteers tried to communicate a list of emotions by touching a blindfolded stranger. The participants were able to communicate eight distinct emotions, from gratitude to disgust to love, some with about 70 percent accuracy.”

Do you realize that we touch our cell phones more than we touch anything else! This is alarming to me! I can’t go through one day without touching another human being even if it is just placing my hand on their shoulder.

For some, being touched feels very invasive. Unfortunately, these people have learned to numb the sensation of touch for one reason or another. Perhaps they were not touched appropriately as a child, or their parents didn’t hug and touch them often, or they were taught not to touch others.

Whatever the reason, coming back to our touch sense is fundamental in our overall well being. And for others being touched gives them a sense of peacefulness, warmth, security and trust.

It has been my experience that suppressed feelings are released during a massage treatment. The texture of the skin changes, the person becomes warm or hot, muscles involuntarily twitch, and, when given permission to oneself, the tears will flow as the emotions come to the surface. What a gift to oneself.

Call to action:

Bring some awareness to your level of touch by answering these questions honestly to yourself. Do you enjoy being touched? Do you allow yourself to be touched? Do you touch others? Are you receiving massage regularly?

If you answered NO to any of them, explore that a bit deeper with an open mind and bring awareness to why this is.

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