A Kamy massage reaches far beyond your physical body; it reaches into the deepest parts of your being and nourishes you with energy and love. She has a unique relationship with each member of our family, knowing exactly what each of us needs without us having to tell her. Thank you Kamy. A plus: she is always punctual and professional. A++++++. Jo xxx

Renaissance, voici le mot qui qualifie Kamy et son apport dans ma vie. Sur la table de massage c’est toujours une grande détente – maintenant en plus remboursée par la complémentaire. Dans les séances de formation une découverte de forces nouvelles et motivantes : on sait pourquoi on se lève le matin ! Son coaching m’a tout simplement rendue ma vie – m’a évité de perdre mon emploi – m’a permis de retrouver la joie de vivre et de reconnecter mon âme avec mon corps. Ses forces ? Son amour pour nous ses patients, une connaissance de l’Homme et une recherche continue pour progresser. Merci un immense merci pour tout. Tu es une femme merveilleuse et nous avons tellement de chance de te connaître. Love you. Aurore

Empathy and love . Opening your soul to universe and let Kamy taking you to a journey with your deepest emotions. We have our lives crossing and thanks to her I discover a different way to looking at me and my life. With love leaving behind me negativeness. Through massages and Kamy’s natural attitude to lync up with your soul. Thanks Kamy I’ll never forget your words there is always a good reason why things happen. Sending lot of love.

“Kamy has hands of an angel. Instinctually, she knows exactly what part of your body needs work. Her massages are not only deep and relaxing, but have a magical healing quality that I have never experienced anywhere else. Getting a massage from Kamy is a real treat – a luxury that I look forward to everytime!”

“A massage by Kamy is a tune-up for the body, mind, sometimes even your soul. After each session I come out slightly different (always better) than I was when I went in – certainly something I can’t say for all other massages I’ve had. I can’t think of a better ROI you can make for yourself and your body than to get “kamified”. Regularly. I find Kamy’s massages to be relaxing, healing and energizing”

Kamy has been instrumental in keeping me positive and helping me reframe my anxiousness through marital separation and IOD (when my professional role was eliminated). Kamy’s holistic approach to wellness is her key point of difference. When I go to Kamy for a massage, she takes time to discuss what’s top of mind, gives sound spiritual advice using Louise Hay’s positive thinking principles and then gently repeats some key points whilst working on the body massage. Each session re-energizes mind and body and provides spiritual inspiration that lasts well beyond the massage table.

“Kamy has an innate ability to zero-in on areas that need attention and apply the pressure required to ease tensions. I’ve been seen by many massage therapists over the years and no one else comes close to offering the same relief, renewed mobility and sense of grounding as when I leave Kamy’s table.”

Wow, it was so incredible. It was much more than a massage. It was like some sort of healing took place! I’m so happy to have received this gift from Kamy.


  1. I have been to Kamy once every month for the last four months and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders emotionally and physically. How can this make such a huge difference to the way you face life everyday – I wouldn’t have believed it but now have experienced how you can face each day with happiness and gratitude instead of weight and sadness. Thank you Kamy from the bottom of my heart x

    • Thank you Catherine! The pleasure was mine that you trusted me so to take the journey with you! Many blessings to come . . .

  2. Oh Kamy with those magical hands, what can we say? “More and more please even every day!”
    Joking aside I will be forever grateful for the many ways you have helped me over these last two years . Long may our friendship and soul attachment last for many more. Xxx

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