Developing Consciousness

Do you feel as though you are just sleepwalking through your life? Wake up! Stop wasting your precious life living without awareness. Now is the time to make a connection with yourself and develop consciousness.

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a profound subject but for the purposes of illustrating the basic concept, I want you to think about your five senses. As human beings we are

Photo credit: Catherine Mikton

Photo credit: Catherine Mikton

naturally gifted with the senses of hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. All of these senses work together to form our perception of the world around us.

Consciousness, on the other hand, is a spiritual sense—apart from the five senses of the material world—that allows us to become aware of and to discriminate about that which is within and outside our physical bodies as opposed to merely perceive. With the five senses alone we are equipped to receive information… it is consciousness that allows us to then process that information. With consciousness we are able to think, form opinions, experience emotion and form a personal identity that is unique from all other beings on the earth.

Consciousness and You

How well do you know yourself? Do you know yourself to the extent that you are aware of your true purpose?
Consciousness does not only allow us to form a connection with things and people that surround us. More importantly, it gives us an awareness of our true selves. The more conscious you become the better your ability to have a positive effect on your life.
Look into the mirror. What you see is only a reflection of you. Your physical being is not who you are. The colour of your skin, the shape of your nose and the curves on your body has little to do with your true identity. Your true identity lies within and to uncover it, you must have a heightened sense of awareness brought on by consciousness.

Consciousness of the Energy Around You

Energy is all around us. We may not be able to see it with our eyes, but as we develop consciousness, we will become aware of it. Likewise, as your awareness grows, you learn to attract positive energy into your life.

As your consciousness grows to a higher level, you will experience great transformation. You become more open-minded, forgiving and loving. You learn to react positively to situations and people. The universe detects your positivity and it responds by giving you back the same positive energy. In short, you receive what you give.


Photo credit: Catherine Mikton

The Importance of Consciousness

Consciousness is more important than what people deem it to be. It involves more than just the management of emotions and energy. It is a basic tool for survival. Without an awareness of our surroundings, we are nothing but a bag of flesh. We will not be able to detect potential danger or identify sources of food. We would cease to think and react. We would exist but not truly live.
Your perception of the world is a product of your consciousness. Therefore, if you expand your consciousness, your understanding of the world also grows. You live more, experience more and certainly grow more as an individual.

Call to Action

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to develop consciousness. The most effective among them is through meditation. It may sound trivial but, through the release of thoughts as you make the journey inward, your awareness gradually heightens.
Transformation does not happen overnight. It takes time. As you strive to expand your consciousness, always practice patience. Be kind to yourself and believe that you can change. If you would like help getting started with your practice, contact me to discover how I can assist you with meditation and relaxation or transformational coaching to kick start you into a new conscious you!

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