Becoming the Observer


Somewhere along the way its been claimed that we have between 60-80 thousand thoughts a day – that’s a lot of thoughts! I’ve been told that only 10% of the thoughts are positive.

If things are not going the way we want them to in life perhaps we have to admit to ourselves that we may be the reason. I’ll admit it is not the easiest task to take on AND I’ll admit that it is the most authentic! After all, no-ones perfect !

Be open to the possibility that we may be the component that needs to change – not everything or everyone around us. Awareness is is key and the first step to change.

For this reason I invite you to become the observer of your thoughts/self talk to understand how you are creating your reality.

Pay attention to your thoughts and self talk.  Log them as they come up –  WITHOUT judgment.  Use your smart phone, tablet or a small notebook that you can have with you at all times.

Call to action:

What are the first thoughts that pass through your mind when you wake up in the morning ? What are you thoughts as you prepare yourself for work or the days activites?

What are your thoughts as you commute to your daily activity,  when you arrive or when you come face to face with that difficult colleague?

What are your thoughts on your way home or when you have to do yet another activity in the evening?

As the observer, have a look at those thoughts/selftalk.   Observe what they are telling you about what you believe about yourself and others.

I insist you observe without judgment!   Look in from the outside.  What thoughts/self talk are going on inside your mind. Observe what needs to be shifted, changed or deleted.

I call this exercise the “Treasure Hunt” because this awareness is truly a treasure – the golden nuggets – to your change and transformation.  This is exactly where I started and continue to come back to regularly!  Why, because….

your thoughts become your words;

your words become your actions;

 your actions become your habits;

your habits become your character;

 your character becomes your destiny!

WE must start from the beginning, and that means observing our thoughts and self talk.

Feel free to share some of your thoughts/self talk that may need some upgrading and I will happily turn them into powerful positive affirmations for you immediately!

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