3 Core Components that Fuel change and transformation

3-TransformationWhenever we set a new intention or goal we set ourselves up for change and transformation. Here I share with you the 3 Core Components that fuel change and transformation.

The first component is commitment.   Commitment is the willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something – in this case a promise or firm decision to yourself that you will succeed!

The second component is courage. Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. In any situation where you want to bring about change you are surely going to come face to face with fear, uncertainty, and intimidation.

Change means you are going to go outside your comfort zone – you are going to do things differently than the norm, you are going to think differently, speak differently, act differently and live differently and that takes courage. We have lived most of our lives conforming to the norm or societies beliefs – one of the reasons why we are all not living a vibrant, prosperous authentic life!

And the third component is consistency. Consistency brings accuracy, success and sustainable change!

Everything we learn we learn through consistent repetition. It’s the key and most effective use for change and transformation. It is imperative that we set up a new routine that we consistently commit to in order to make the change a new habit. Typically a new habit is installed after 21 days of consistent repetition. For good measure I like to commit myself to 30 days!

Call to action – create your blueprint.

What is the habit you wish to change or new habit you wish to incorporate. Write it down. When you write down you goals/intentions you have an increased 40% chance of achieving of them. When you tell someone you increase your chances of accomplishment by 78%!

What 3 steps will you take to make them happen? Write them down as well for the same reason as above.

Post your responses around your home and work environment for constant reminders. Post-its are very effective for this. You can post them in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, car dash board, computer etc.

How will you know that you are on the path to success? Write down what it is that will prove to you that you are on the path, what will show you concretely that your are moving towards achieving your goal/intention. Check in weekly to see where you are.

Wishing you success in your change and transformation as I hold you in the bubble of achievement!   I believe you!

Loving thoughts, Kamy

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